Are your fingers itching with creativity? Longing for better days? Could you spark a conversation about the impact of the climate crisis? Then consider getting involved with ‘Show the Love’ which runs from 1st - 21st February 2021.  

We are invited by the Climate Coalition to ‘Show the Love’, to use our creativity to make, give and wear a green heart when we are out exercising, shopping and in our digital spaces and to use our voices to urgently engage politicians to commit to building a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone. This year we have been re-learning to value what we have taken for granted. We’ve been finding great joy in the simple things in life, remembering the importance of what and who we care about and need to protect for the health of our common home. 

"The idea of crafting something with love and care, reflects something of the importance of our love and care for God's awesome creation" explains Revd Michelle Webb, Associate Curate at St Giles, Lincoln. "The sharing of these lovingly created green hearts with those holding political power is an active, yet loving and peaceful witness to our beliefs. This idea resonates particularly in this time of pandemic, where we don't have the same opportunities for verbal conversation. There is a power within these symbolic green hearts to represent our priorities and values visually." 

On the Climate Coalition website there are ideas for makes and bakes, prayers and poems, readings and reflections. There are resources for churches, schools, homes and communities. There is even a guide for organising an online event and engaging with your local politicians. "At St Giles we're planning to post a video on social media explaining what 'Share the Love' is all about. We’re inviting people to use their creativity in making their own green hearts to share, and to send us a picture so we can create a digital celebration of our collective commitment to caring for creation." 

Could you join with St Giles and engage this year? We’d love to hear your stories and see your green hearts on social media!