On the evening of Sunday, 8th July 2018, 14 choristers at St Wulfram’s Church in Grantham were presented with Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) awards.

Two choristers, Hope Eagle (13) and James Pritchard (12), have won the highest chorister award in the country, the RSCM Gold Award. Both have sung as members of St Wulfram’s Church Choir for over five years. Hope is the Saint-Wandrille Chorister (a senior chorister within St Wulfram’s Girls’ Choir), and James is the Radbod Chorister (the head chorister within St Wulfram’s Boys’ Choir). A total of eight St Wulfram’s Choristers have now won this prestigious award.

Ten choristers were presented with the RSCM Bishop’s (Silver) Award and two further choristers were presented with the RSCM Dean’s (Bronze) Award. Since 2011, St Wulfram’s choristers have now won a total of 84 RSCM awards.

Dr Tim Williams, Master of the Music at St Wulfram’s, is delighted with their success: “All of our choristers work with tremendous dedication at their training. The exams they need to take to receive an RSCM award are wide-ranging, testing vocal ability, musicianship, music theory, understanding of music history and knowledge about the church context in which they sing. It is an amazing achievement to be successful at such young ages. We are also proud of how many have achieved this in the same exam season.”

Sunday’s service was also the valediction service for the choir at the end of a very busy academic year, and the official choir photograph for 2018 was taken afterwards. In the same weekend, the choristers sang in a memorial service for Philip Lank, former choirmaster at St Wulfram’s, with 300 people in attendance.

This summer, St Wulfram’s Church Choir has been invited to sing for the Anniversary Service for the Battle of Bosworth, which is to be held in Leicester Cathedral on Saturday, 18th August.

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