We, the Christian Ministers in Scunthorpe meeting on Thursday 23 May 2019 at 7pm, recognise that all people embody the spirit of God that needs to be nurtured and brought into fullness of life. We also acknowledge that work and leisure affords people the opportunity to thrive and develop to their fullest human potential.

We observe that the liquidation of British Steel in the community of Scunthorpe and the resultant consequences have left people feeling devastated, angry and confused. This has the potential of affecting the lives of approx. 20,000 people; individuals, families,  the larger community, the local economy and the social fabric of our society in an area already suffering great deprivation and social immobility.

We therefore continue to commit ourselves to walking alongside those suffering the effects of unemployment and more particular the resultant job losses at British Steel, within the supply chain and the secondary industry. We do so by continuing to support the needy and destitute with basic provisions through our food, clothing and shelter ministries.

We urge and encourage the national government, local authority, and all appropriate agencies to provide the community with your intentions to offset the job losses by promptly and publicly stating your plans and programmes to mitigate this great impending loss to individuals, families, businesses and the social fabric of Scunthorpe.

We wish to enquire from government and the local authority what additional immediate regeneration support will be provided to Scunthorpe in the event of British Steel closure.

We request this not only for Scunthorpe but equally so for the other areas in the UK where British Steel is operating.

Furthermore we want to place on record our commitment to work alongside government, local authority and appropriate agencies as, in partnership, you seek to address this critical situation in the life of Scunthorpe, which had as its original motto ‘The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament its handiwork’.


Endorsed by:

Revd Canon Cameron Martin - St Hugh’s Church, Old Brumby and Rural Dean of Manlake

Pastor Russ Westfield - Senior Pastor, New Life Church, Scunthorpe

Pastor Tom Macdonald - Lead Pastor, Scunthorpe Baptist Church

Pastor Bryan Webster - Scunthorpe Street Pastor Coordinator

Rev Jonathan Oatridge - Pastor, Bottesford Baptist Church

Revd Kevin Dyke - Team Rector, Bottesford with Ashby

Fr Neil Peoples - Parish Priest, Holy Souls, Scunthorpe

Revd Julia Clark - Associate Vicar, St Hugh’s Church, Old Brumby

Associate Pastor Fiona Kirby-Smith - Assistant Pastor, Scunthorpe Baptist Church

Revd Paul Dickinson - Curate, St Hugh’s Church, Old Brumby

Pastor Daniel  Skuce - Associate Pastor, New Life Church, Scunthorpe

Rev Angela Long - Superintendent, Epworth and Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit

Mr David Sanderson - Lay Preacher, Epworth and Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit

Major Gary Rockey-Clewlow - Scunthorpe Salvation Army

Revd Paul Braisdell - Minister, Epworth and Scunthorpe Methodist Circuit

Revd Ken Hague - Congregational Minister

Captain Paul McDonough - CA Scunthorpe Centre of Mission