Any sudden and violent death affects everyone in a community, as we have witnessed over the last 12 hours.

Every life is precious, but the loss of a child is particularly difficult for us to comprehend. We cannot begin to imagine the pain the parents, family and all those who have been affected by this tragic loss are feeling.

We stand in this space alongside our community as a place where we can bring our thoughts, feelings and emotions – whatever they are. This ancient Church is a visible sign of the God who is there with us, in the very depths of our pain and bewilderment.

Our Church is open for our community to pray and light candles. Members of the team are available should anyone want to speak to someone.

We particularly thank our emergency services for their dedicated and compassionate response.

We continue to pray for the family and friends of the victim, and for our community on this tragic day.

Revd Jane Robertson, Associate Rector,
and the Ministry Team of the Parish of Boston

The Bishop of Grantham, The Rt. Revd Dr Nicholas Chamberlain said:  'This is a deeply tragic and shocking incident.  We pray for everyone involved.  St Botolph's Church is open for prayer and as a space of consolation.'