How will you be celebrating or remembering the women in your family this Mothering Sunday? Revd Steve Holt, Vicar of the Carr Dyke Group, shares how his team are marking the occasion this year.
Revd Steve said, “We are aware that, as was the case last year due to the first lockdown, the usual celebrations of mothers this year are not possible, again due to lockdown. We have three schools in the benefice and so we are giving each child a small box containing three chocolates to give to their mum, grandma or the person that is mum/carer to them.”
He added, “We are acutely aware too that mothers in residential care homes will also again be missing the visits of loved ones this year, especially if they live miles away, and so the ladies who are resident in the two care homes in the benefice will also receive the small box with three chocolates inside as a gift from the Carr Dyke group.”
Pictured is an image of the box of chocolates that will be given out. The Carr Dyke Group of Parishes includes Billinghay, Martin, North Kyme, South Kyme, Timberland and Walcott.