The Children's Society issued the following media release asking for on-the-ground intelligence during the Covid-19 crisis.

Can you help The Children's Society with some local 'on-the-ground' intelligence?

We are gathering information and evidence from a range of Church and Community organisations and services involved in providing emergency financial and other support to capture issues arising from the Covid-19 crisis which are affecting their work in terms of the current demands and ongoing needs. This will be fed back to key decision-makers in government, so it is crucial that we get a true picture of what is happening on the ground.

Working to provide emergency financial support during Covid-19?

Click here to fill out a short form and share the issues affecting you, so we can take them to key decision makers!

The survey is short and covers:

1) I understand the information I provide will be shared and I am happy to continue (compulsory).
2) Contact details (optional)
3) Organisation (optional)
4) Nation (compulsory)
5) Geographical Reach (optional)
6) What is the issue regarding? Choice of the following (compulsory):

  • Staff or volunteers
  • Organisational resources or capacity
  • Health and Safety
  • Co-ordination between organisations
  • Reach to those in need
  • Data issues
  • Infrastructure (eg space for delivery)
  • Concerns about the future
  • Communications 
  • Availability of support for service users
  • Other

7) Describe the issue (compulsory)

8) What do you think the government or other decision makers (either national or local) could do to solve the issue?

9) Do you want to add another issue?

10) Please provide any further information that hasn't been captured in the previous questions.

We would like to reassure you that The Children's Society is still working to support children and young people as well as their families at this particularly difficult and challenging time.  You can support information and resources at:

Our dedicated team of Relationship Managers are still safely working relating to parishes, clergy and our supporters and dedicated volunteers relating to all the Dioceses of the Church of England.  They at the end of a phone/email and would love to have a catch with any of our supporters. Our Supporter Care team can help answer your questions as well as put you in touch with one of our twelve Diocesan Relationship Managers for your diocese.

You can reach them by telephone on:  0300 303 7000 or by emailing: [email protected]

This story was published on Friday 24th April 2020.