On Facebook the 'people reached' figure is the number of people who saw your post and 'engagement' refers to those who liked, commented or shared it. This is important as it can help extend organic reach. 

Thought for the Day - Emma Maskall sharing a short reflection over coffee. 

People reached - 1,412 and 203 engagements

Praying the Hours - Revd. Pam taking us on a journey to the cross on Good Friday

People reached - 368 and 91 engagements

Maundy Thursday - Revd. Mark reflecting on the Last Supper

People reached - 617 and 247 engagements

Easter Sunday - Revd. Mark celebrating an Easter Sunday Communion with his family

People reached - 1,714 and 332 engagements

The Keelby Cross on Easter Sunday

This story was published on Wednesday 15th April.