(Pictured is Bishop David together with the Revd Jim Prestwood and his wife Vicky).

St Swithin's Church in central Lincoln now has a new home which was officially opened last  Sunday. The opening of the Salthouse is a significant step for the parish and also for the mission and ministry of the diocese to transform lives across greater Lincolnshire. 

The new home is possible through funding and support from the Church of England Strategic Development Fund, the diocese and the enthusiasm of the congregation. Bishop David says the funding does come with high expectations with St Swithin's Church to be a resource church that accelerates growth and propels planting of other congregations in the diocese. 

Having a new home is described by the Vicar Jim Prestwood as essential to be able to release disciples who make disciples, "It was wonderful to open the doors of the Salthouse after nearly three years of being nomadic. We don’t think of the Salthouse as a building we gather in but rather a new facility which facilitates both that gathering and scattering in order to love and serve the city and beyond" he said.

Bishop David says the partnership on this project with the parish as a resource church shows a belief in the power of local churches and the power they have through engaging with communities to transform lives. It is envisaged that St Swithin's will lead the planting of three other self-sustaining congregations across the diocese in five years.