The Search and Nominations Committee would like to know more about you.

The Search and Nominations Committee is a group tasked with finding suitably skilled volunteers to sit on the various committees and working groups of the Diocese and our connected organisations. Members of our congregations have contributed their knowledge of lay ministry, organisational governance, finance and investments, and of housing and estate management to name but a few examples.

If you feel that you have some skills or experience that you might like to share with the wider Diocese, please fill in the Talent Search Survey (via survey monkey*) so that we can get to know you better. More information about the committees and groups you might like to become involved in can be found here on the diocesan website. If there is an area you are particularly interested in then please be in touch with the Search and Nominations Committee via [email protected] 

The Diocese relies on the time and expertise of our volunteers, to ensure that we are working towards our vision of a healthy, vibrant and sustainable church transforming lives in greater Lincolnshire. Without the help and knowledge of the people in our parishes and wider worshipping communities, we would not be able to achieve our aims.  

*Your responses to the survey may be shared with Diocesan officers who are looking for particularly skilled volunteers. You can unsubscribe from the survey at any time, and remove your details by contacting [email protected]