The bishops have expressed their appreciation to the parishes and to the cathedral for the way in which worship and hospitality was provided for the ordination of priests in the diocese during the first week of October. 


Bishop David says while there is an element of disruption across our daily lives, the 12 services of ordination to the priesthood were a very prayerful response and acts of worship in a very personal way for each new priest. The services had to comply with Church of England and public health guidance and so pews were not able to be full. As a way for the diocese to celebrate its new priests each of them has been invited to say a few words about their calling to the priesthood


Those ordained to the priesthood in the first week of October were; Paul Maple, Matt Rodgers, James Titley, Robert Jaggs-Fowler, Simon Dean, Alice Jolley, Sarah Tierney, Sara Davies, Sherine Angus, Alex Borman, Aron Donaldson, and Catherine Wylie.  


The following videos are from Paul Maple, Alice Jolley, Matt Rodgers, and Sara Davies.