More than 800 people gathered in the cathedral on Wednesday night to support churchwardens from all across the diocese as they were sworn into their office by Bishop Stephen.

The Churchwardens had been elected at churches’ annual meetings over the last few months. In a joyful service of choral evensong they responded to Bishop’s Stephen’s call to work together to support witness and service across Greater Lincolnshire, particularly in being open to those often seen as weak and vulnerable - so often the vessels for God’s message for us today.

It is more usual to have a larger number of Visitation services across the deaneries of the diocese. This, year, however, Bishop Stephen, with Bishops David and Nicholas and Archdeacons Justine and Gavin, called the whole diocese together for one event. The quality and richness of the singing and the strength and fervour as the churchwardens made their commitments will be something those attending will remember for a long time.

Bishop Stephen's address can be found here