Canon Fr Stephen Hoy writes on a recent Week of Guided Prayer held in Spalding...

Wonderful – every parish should have the chance to do this.

I was so encouraged in my journey with God, and would recommend this experience to everyone.

I started out the Week in fear and trepidation, but it was fantastic – my prayer life has been transformed.

This is the Holy Spirit at work.

I have found such peace and encouragement – a week that has taken me into a sense of wonder.

These are just a few of the comments made by some of the 19 people who took part in a recent Week of Guided Prayer in Spalding. Led by Canon Fr Stephen Hoy, the diocesan Spirituality Adviser, a team of seven prayer guides met individually each day with those taking part.

“This Week of Guided Prayer has been planned for over a year”, said Stephen, “and we were delighted to see so many people entering into this experience. Weeks of Guided Prayer can be transformative experiences for individuals and parishes, and the feedback we have had from Spalding has been tremendously affirming!”

The prayer guides travelled from all over the diocese to support the Week of Guided Prayer: “Their role was so special,” commented one of the people from Spalding who took part in the Week. “Now I see God at work in all aspects of my life and I feel that my faith has been rejuvenated.”

The Week of Guided Prayer invites people to take on a particular 30-minute pattern of prayer each day of the Week and to meet individually with a prayer guide each day for 40 minutes. For more information about Weeks of Guided Prayer, please see here.

Canon Fr Stephen Hoy pictured with some of prayer guides and people who took part in the Week of Guided Prayer in Spalding.