As COVID restrictions are lifted, many couples will be thinking about their dream wedding and ‘setting the date’.

Estimates of the average cost of a wedding today range between £16,000 and £30,000, depending on what you include. This is beyond the budget of many people.

But you could get married in church for less than £1,000 including music and bells in a ceremony that is personal and meaningful.

Wherever you have the celebration afterwards you could hold the ceremony itself in a beautiful church in the parish where you live, in a church to which you have a family connection or you can make your own by attending that church’s usual services for six months.

Many people think they're not allowed to be married in church, but you don't have to have attended church regularly for years and you don’t have to be ‘religious’. However, it is a religious ceremony in that you will take your vows in the name of God.  To many people, the spiritual element is very powerful.

Revd Andrew Roberts, Diocesan lead for promoting weddings said: “I love doing weddings and a church wedding is very special.  It’s wonderful for families to come together to celebrate, but the really meaningful part of the day is that the two people have come together and made promises to each other to last their lifetime.  You can do this very simply and still have a beautiful day.  I have many weddings booked for this year and 2022 and I hope as restrictions are lifted that I welcome more couples into the church as they take this next step on their journey together.”

To see what a Church wedding can offer go to And to find the contact details why not wander down to your local church and look at the Notice Board, or simply go to and search for where you live or the church where your family are.