We believe that our Christian journey begins with baptism. For many this might take place at a very young age.

We believe that, at any age, God calls us to know him better, and that we should continue to build our relationship with him, to learn more about him and the Church's faith in him. As an adult, however, we have particular responsibilities.

If you were baptised as a baby or as a child and have never been confirmed (taking on yourself the responsibilities your Godparents made for you) you might like to consider this. Please click here for more details. If you do not feel ready to make this commitment there are many places where you can learn more (see the ‘Christian faith’ page under ‘What we believe’). 

The main place to learn is in the local church. As well as the teaching in the sermons week by week, many churches have study and prayer groups or run occasional courses, especially at times such as Lent. Click here to contact your local church to find out more. 

You might also wish to get involved as a volunteer with a project in the local church or wider community – again, a good place to start is your local church.