Assets and Trusts acts for the Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance (LDTBF) in the administration of:

  • Monetary and Property Trusts on behalf of parishes
  • Property Transactions
  • The Glebe Estate

Monetary and Property Trusts administered on behalf of parishes

Assets and Trusts administer approximately 930 monetary trusts and 300 property trusts on behalf of parishes. Although day-to-day management of most trusts remains with the Parochial Church Council, or the Vicar and Churchwardens, Ecclesiastical law requires these trusts to be vested in the Diocesan Authority as a Custodian Trustee. Consequently any land, buildings or personal property to be acquired or sold by a parish, or transactions by parishes involving monetary trusts, needs to be undertaken through the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Finance Board as Custodian Trustee.

Assets and Trusts will help parishes follow the proper procedures to meet the requirements of Ecclesiastical law and the Charities Acts. If a parish is contemplating a transaction it is recommended they make contact with Assets and Trusts early on, to help ensure the proper process is followed.

Property Transactions

Assets and Trusts administer the property transactions of the Lincoln Diocesan Trust & Board of Finance. These usually involve the lease, sale or acquisition of clergy housing and parcels of glebe land. They manage the day-to-day relationship with the diocesan solicitors and are custodians of title deeds, lease agreements, wayleaves, licenses and other legal documentation. Assets and Trusts also manage the diocesan relationship with the Land Registry for the registration of titles.

Records relating to leases, acquisitions, sales and other landed interests are retained by LDTBF to meet legal obligations and for the purposes of estates management.

The Glebe Estate

Assets and Trusts administer the glebe estate comprising around 12,000 acres of mainly agricultural land across the ceremonial county of Lincolnshire. The vast majority is let to the farming community, the rental income from which helps support the ministry and mission of the diocese.

The day-to-day management of the glebe estate is undertaken by Savills through their Lincoln office, with Assets and Trusts managing the day-to-day relationship with Savills, including acting as client, paying invoices and instructing solicitors.

Savills would be the first point of contact for the glebe estate’s agricultural tenants, and Assets and Trusts would be the first point of contact for parishes with queries about glebe land.

LDTBF retains details of occupants together with records relating to maintenance, use and changes of occupation for the purposes of administering the estate.

For further help and assistance

For Assets and Trusts please contact the Assets and Trusts Manager, Andrew Gosling, on 01522 50 40 86 or via e-mail.

For Savills please contact Romina Lorente on 01522 50 89 14 or via e-mail.