Continuing Ministerial Development (formerly known as CME) helps clergy to develop their knowledge, skills and spiritual life, so that they may serve more effectively and flourish in ministry.

There are a variety of training events available, some of which are offered in response to needs identified through Ministerial Development Reviews. Training focuses on developing leadership, enabling growth and sharpening skills relevant to ministry and mission. Regular retreats are also strongly encouraged. In addition, there are courses run outside of our area, which involve other dioceses and organisations. Those who have been in full-time ordained ministry for at least seven years may explore the option of Extended Study Leave.

A CMD grant application form is available here. Some accompanying information is available here.

A form relating to an application for a grant towards the cost of a retreat may be found here.

A form relating to an application for extended study leave is available here, and some accompanying guidelines are available here.

Step-by-Step Guide to Retirement for Clergy is available here.

All queries should be directed to Neil Burgess.