Please note that, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, production of Crosslincs has been suspended for the time being.

Crosslincs serves the diocese and seeks to share news and information with a wider audience. The Communications Officer is particularly interested in hearing about good news stories and so would be delighted to hear from you.

If you would like to receive a copy, or know of changes that need to be made with regard to delivery of the magazine, please also contact the Communications Officer. 

Thank you to those readers who responded to the letter sent to them with their copy/copies of the March/April issue, and who indicated that they wish to continue to receive the magazine. It is possible to request copies of the magazine on behalf of parishes by completing this form or by contacting the Communications Office.

In addition to the printed copies of the magazine and the PDF versions listed below, an Issuu-hosted ‘page-turning’ version is available here.

The expanded, and now monthly, diocesan prayer diary is available here.

Crosslincs is also available as a talking newspaper  please contact the Communications Office for further details.

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