Ready for School Fund

The Bishop of Lincoln’s Ready For School Fund aims to support schoolchildren who are lacking the things they need in order to access confidently the full life of school and the curriculum. 

Grants are made through the fund to head teachers so that they may seek to meet some of the identified needs of individual pupils. Items such as revision booklets, coats, school uniform or PE kit, lunchboxes, cookery ingredients or art or maths equipment are just some examples of where the fund can be put to work, with the fund guided by an awareness of the effect on a child of being unable to participate in school activities alongside their peers because of belonging to a family living in poverty. 

The fund is a practical expression of the diocesan central staff’s commitment to service as an outworking of – and central to – faith. The prayer is that funds will continue to meet the very real social needs in our schools and witness to the generosity of God through His people. Every penny raised will, through head teachers, go to the pupils thanks to the generosity of the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance (LDTBF) in administering the fund at no cost.

To date, more than £5000 has been raised as a result of annual Sales of Work at Lincoln Christmas Market, sponsorship of diocesan staff in running the City of Lincoln 10k and donations.

Application guidance

The Bishop of Lincoln’s Ready For School Fund is:

  • for small grants of no more than around £100 for individual children

  • administered at no cost by the LDTBF

  • not to be used for such things as could reasonably be expected to come out of the pupil premium grant

  • administered by the Diocesan Secretary, the Diocesan Director of Education and the Vice Chair (clergy) of the Diocesan Board of Education.

Applications must be in the form of letters to the fund. These are to be:

  • written on school headed note paper

  • signed by the head teacher and the chair of governors.

The letter should include information on why assistance is required and the amount that is requested. Schools must be willing to substantiate the grant should the LDTBF auditors wish to check a sample of grants as part of the external audit process. Requests for assistance will be considered upon receipt. Insufficient funds will mean that applications for assistance will be unsuccessful.

Letters should be addressed to The Bishop of Lincoln’s Ready For School Fund at Edward King House.

Social Justice Fund

This grant-giving fund was set up in 2014 as a partnership between the Diocese of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Community Foundation.

It is particularly appropriate for projects that aim to assist and improve areas relating to community cohesion, community facilities, young people, older people, the local economy and arts and heritage.

For more information and an application form, please follow this link.

Transformation Fund

This fund provides grants to help churches launch new missional initiatives or significantly develop existing projects that will help transform lives across greater Lincolnshire.

It gives churches, parishes, benefices, deaneries or church-affiliated groups (all connected to the diocese) the opportunity to develop projects that will help them express more effectively God’s mission in the community they serve, along the lines of our three diocesan priority areas:

Faithful worship – growth in the number of people worshiping Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour 
Confident discipleship – growth in the depth of Christian faith and spirituality, learning to be followers of Jesus Christ and become more like him
Joyful service – growth in serving the church and local community.

Priority will be given to projects that develop and grow our ministry, lay and ordained, which help with our administration and governance, such as by developing and improving communication, and which strengthen local partnerships to allow mission and ministry development to flourish, such as in work with schools.

We will particularly be looking to help finance projects that

  • promote growth
  • are prayerfully considered
  • are researched and evidence-based
  • encourage parishes to take considered risks
  • are well thought out
  • demonstrate good stewardship 
  • will lead to transformation.

Please note: the Transformation Fund does not fund building projects or repairs. See the Frequently Asked Questions document for more information. 

Grants may be applied for at two levels:

Tier 1 – grants are up to £500 in value, and are designed to help churches quickly progress their ideas.

There is a helpful booklet 'Transformation Fund - Tier 1 information booklet'.pdf that will tell you more. You can download it here

Applications can be made at any time of the year by completing a simple application form.   

Tier 2 – grants are made to a maximum of £5000 in any one year. Because these grants are larger, the application forms require more detail and more rigorous preparation. 

There is a helpful booklet - 'Transformation Fund - Tier 2 A3 info booklet.pdf' that will tell you more. You can download it here

Applications are considered by the Transformation Fund panel at four meetings each year, and so there are deadlines for the forms to be received, either electronically or in paper form. 

Click here to see an example of a completed Tier 2 form.

The closing dates for applications are as follows:

Monday, 8th June 2020, for the panel meeting on Wednesday, 17th June 2020.

Monday, 21st September 2020, for the panel meeting on Tuesday, 29th September 2020.

Monday, 23rd November 2020, for the panel meeting on Wednesday, 2nd December 2020.

Please submit forms by post to Richard Steel at the diocesan office or via email.

Theological Resources to help engage with the Transformation Fund may be found via this link.