Every Diocese of the Church of England is required (by Measure, 1925) to have a Diocesan board of finance (DBF). This is a charitable company which holds the financial and other assets of the Diocese and is responsible for oversight of their good stewardship.

In Lincoln a company for this purpose was formed in 1908 and was called the Lincoln Diocesan Trust Ltd. With the advent of the 1925 legislation the company became known as the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board Finance Ltd and the name has remained unchanged since then.

The Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (No 249355) and a Company limited by guarantee (registration no 97256). This means that the trustees are also the company’s directors and that the Trust is bound by charity law and regulations and by company law.

The Trust must hold an Annual General Meeting in every calendar year. Other meetings may be convened as required.

The Diocesan Board of Finance has a particular duties:
  • To hold property for purposes connected with the Church of England
  • To perform, work and transact business in connection with the Church of England
  • To act as a committee of diocesan synod
  • To comply with directions given by diocesan synod
  • To act as Custodian Trustee in relation to land and to personal property held on permanent trusts by PCCs
  • To act as diocesan parsonages board
  • To maintain and manage the Parsonages Fund as a reserve to meet the expenditure of the parsonages board
  • To maintain and manage the diocesan pastoral account and to account to diocesan synod annually in relation to such account
  • To provide information and advice to the Church Commissioners
  • To maintain various accounts as provided by the Diocesan Stipends Funds Measure 1953
  • To manage all other funds of diocesan synod
  • To employ all persons in receipt of salaries from diocesan funds
  • To prepare an annual report, account and draft budget for the standing committee of diocesan synod
  • To present annual accounts, an annual budget and such supplementary budgets as are required to diocesan synod
  • To prepare supplementary budgets if so instructed by diocesan synod
  • To account to diocesan synod for expenditure in excess of budget

The powers of the DBF can be extended by diocesan synod as required. LDTBF is a charitable company and must comply with company law and charity law. As Custodian Trustee, it must comply with trust law.

Any additional powers and responsibilities must be set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of LDTBF.

Members, Directors and Trustees:

Chris Clarke (Chair) *§
The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson, Bishop of Lincoln §
Justine Allain-Chapman (Archdeacon of Boston)
Paul Arnold (also chair of the Assets Committee) §
Nigel Bacon §
James Birch *§
The Revd Nick Brown *§
Rick Clegg (also chair of the Audit Committee) * (co-opted by the board)
Vacancy *
Douglas Horn §
The Revd Canon Chris Lilley (vice-chair) *§
James Milligan-Manby *
Jane Powell
The Revd Elaine Turner (also chair of the Trusts Committee) *§
Alan Wilson (Bishop's nominee)
David Wright (also chair of the Clergy Housing Committee) *

*Also a member of the standing committee
§ Also a member of Diocesan Synod

Officers of the Board in attendance:

The Revd David Dadswell (Diocesan Secretary)
Ann Treacy (Director of Finance)
Helen Doyle (Governance Administrator)