The primary task of the Lincoln School of Theology (LST) is to provide theological training for students in the Diocese of Lincoln. The programmes taught at LST meet the training requirements for Ordinands, Readers-in-training and other Accredited Lay Ministers. The programmes are designed to allow students to study part-time, while still engaged in full- or part-time work. Students from other dioceses are welcome to study at LST, and students may also study for their own personal reasons without progressing to a formal ministerial post. 

Studying at LST

LST offers study programmes that lead to various academic awards. Each award is achieved through the successful completion of a number of modules, for each of which a number of ‘credits’ are achieved. Each module develops and tests different areas of knowledge and understanding along with the ability to analyse this in a creative and critically constructive manner. As well as requiring essays and other written work, the modules will also allow students to practice and develop different skills, such as preaching, leading a small group, leading a service and giving oral presentations.

However, at LST study is not just about demonstrating the academic ability required for each award. Alongside this run the LST Formation Programmes. These are rooted in prayer and worship and aim to assist in developing students’ spiritual formation. They are linked with formational learning embedded within the academic modules, and are augmented by other activities and learning.

Our Saturday Learning Days commence with worship in St Hugh’s Chapel at Edward King House. This is often organised and led by students. Each year, LST puts together a Prayer Rota of daily intercessions, enabling a cycle of prayer throughout each month covering all students and staff (including lecturers, chaplains, support staff, etc.). Students also belong to a small tutorial group, which allows further opportunities to discuss all aspects of their learning and its practical outworking with other students and their tutor.

More content will be added to these pages. In the meantime you may contact LST by contacting Clare Lindsay, Academic Officer on [email protected].