Mission Action Planning does exactly what it says on the tin: it is a process which helps churches or groups to make specific plans, which will help them take action, towards mission and growth. Many dioceses have been using Mission Action Planning for years, and research indicates that it can be a highly effective stimulus to growth. Bishop Christopher has invited every benefice to be a part of this programme. 

Our team will help you through a process of prayer, discussion, some exercises and other activities, after which you will have discerned and agreed:

  • your vocation statement: what God is calling you to be and do
  • your values statement: the things that are most important to you about how you act as churches
  • your vision Statement: where you believe God is calling you to be in five years’ time. 

This work will then help you to set specific five-year goals and one-year plans, which you will set down in your Growth Plan. A year later there will be a chance to reflect with the team on how your plans have been going, the lessons you have learnt, and the plans for year two which will continue to take you in the direction of your five-year goals.

The vast majority of churches that have embarked on Mission Action Planning have done so with the accompaniment of members of our team of MAP Advisers, who have produced the materials you will use and have become experienced in working with churches such as yours. But one size does not fit all, and there are four other routes you can take towards writing your Growth Plan. 

Before deciding one way or the other about joining in with MAPping process, many churches invite MAP Advisers to visit the Parochial Church Council to give a presentation and answer any questions that members may have. To contact the team, you can ring Richard Steel on 01522 50 40 30 or email [email protected]