(Pictured is a window in Samantha Parsons' home with Tobias' artwork in pride of place alongside her Palm crosses)

On Good Friday, the Revd Samantha Parsons, Vicar of the Benefice of Grantham Harrowby with Londonthorpe, received a knock at her door.  On the doorstep were a little 6 year old boy, Tobias, and his mum, both unknown to her.

Observing social distancing, on the floor in front of her was an especially painted picture of some Easter eggs, that Tobias had made. It was explained that he thought, as a vicar, she would be sad that she could not celebrate Easter in the church this year so he made it to cheer her up.

Samantha said: “God certainly sends his love and light in the most surprising and wonderful ways! I had never met these people and yet here was this little boy who had both thought of me and considered how I might be feeling and had taken time to produce something beautiful to cheer me up! 

“I was so touched by his thoughtfulness. He had even written ‘Happy Easter’ on the back of it. I put it up in my window and wrote a little thank you note for him and dropped off some chocolates for him and his brother. He was apparently very pleased to know that his picture was up in my window. 

“I shared details of my gift on both the church’s Facebook page and my own and so many people responded with ‘likes’ and ‘loves’, I have been amazed by the reaction. I have friends all over the world and they have been sharing it too, so Tobias’ lovely gift has gone global. He has also been leaving ‘stay safe’ stones painted with rainbows at neighbours’ doors; people are just overwhelmed by his kindness – thank you Tobias!”

This story was published on Tuesday 14th April.