Dear Friends and Colleagues,

When I wrote to you recently, I indicated that some resources for worship and some suggestions for how ministers and congregations might care pastorally for people with respect to Brexit were soon to be published by the Church of England. I am writing to you again to advise you that the resources are now available on the Church of England website They will also be available via our own Diocese of Lincoln website in the near future (see below).

I fully realise that some of you might not be able to access online resources and have therefore made arrangements with our Diocesan Secretary whereby anyone who would like us to send printed versions to them should contact Edward King House. Please telephone 01522 50 40 64 or email (please specify what you require).

I also indicated that there would be opportunity to pray together as a diocese on Saturday 30th March at St Botolph’s Church, Boston (Boston Stump) at 6.00pm. Whatever happens in Parliament over the next days, this invitation stands.

I will be in Boston on 30th March. Other Bishop’s Staff colleagues will be taking part in worship at different times in the run up to 29th/30th March. We are all holding you, your congregations and the people of the diocese and of the country in our prayers. 

We have been in contact with our friends in link our link dioceses in Belgium and Sweden. Bishop Lode of Bruges writes: ‘The Brexit is a significant point in history and perhaps for many of us one of the most important political EU decisions of our lifetimes. Our own strength is not always enough to get through some of the situations that this life brings. At those difficult times, it is wise to call on God for extra strength and for his strength to help sustain us when our own strength fails’. And Bishop Eva of Härnösand says: ‘I feel a very special gratefulness for the gift of friendship between Lincoln and Härnösand. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Together we can overcome differences and recognising that more unites than divides us and continue to explore how much we can learn and receive from one another.’

As we continue on our journey together as God’s people in Greater Lincolnshire, towards the planned date for the UK to leave the EU on 29th March, I pray that we may do so conscious of God’s love for all people, and of our responsibility to serve him by serving others.

If you choose to accept the invitation to worship together in Boston on 30th March, I will look forward to seeing you then. If you are unable to come to St Botolph’s, or if you will yourself be hosting worship and hospitality, I hope that the care that you offer will be gratefully received by the community that you serve.

Once again, with my best wishes and prayers, With best wishes,

The Right Reverend Dr Nicholas Chamberlain
Bishop of Grantham

Since the publication of this letter, some of the available resources have been published below. For the full range of resources, please see the Church of England website.

Together Prayer Resources: Word file / PDF file

Together Conversation Starters: Word file / PDF file

Together Prayer Card

Together Invitation

Archbishops’ Message Poster