Following this week's adverse weather conditions, Bishop Christopher has prepared the following message for the people of the diocese.

Dear friend,

One thing I have learned from the people of Lincolnshire is to always acknowledge and to respect the weather. The past few days have seen extremes in the weather which the forecasters warned us of. The outlook is a few more days of sub-zero temperatures before we hope to feel a hint of spring in the air.

I am aware of a range of road conditions across the county. The triple fatality in the county on Tuesday was a reminder of how dangerous the roads can be in such weather. To acknowledge the weather is at times to accept that it may not be safe to travel as we can place ourselves and also the lives of others at risk. I wish to support you in being careful.

But, at times such as these we also not only look after ourselves but also our neighbours and communities. Therefore, I would encourage you (and our church communities) to check on those who may need some basic food or company and to work with our ecumenical partners for those who are vulnerable. I know many of you are doing this already and I am very grateful.

Edward King House was closed yesterday and today has opened for the afternoon for those who can travel on foot. There is a daily review of safety and advice from the police on non-urgent travel for our staff and so please check for an email before setting off tomorrow. The bishops and archdeacons are working from either home or the office.

Crisp cold weather brings clarity and snow brings quiet – therefore I encourage you to use the time freed-up by not travelling to reflect on God and what he has done for us in Jesus Christ. You don’t need me to remind you of this – after all it is Lent.

Also, I encourage you to check out our new diocesan website and I am sure that Adrian Smith, our Communications Officer, would appreciate any photos and details of parishes out and about in the community.

My prayers and the prayers of the bishop’s senior team are with you on this day in which we remember St David, patron saint of Wales – a pastor who was noted for his kindness and compassion to others.