As you will be aware, all Annual Parochial Church Meetings should be held by Tuesday, 30th April 2019. This year, as well as the usual APCM administration, there is also a requirement for parishes to renew their electoral rolls. Here you will find a Guide to the revision of the electoral roll and editable templates of the Notice of Preparation, an Application for Enrolment, and the Church Electoral Roll Certificate for you to download.

We also ask that your APCM return form is completed and returned to Edward King House by 14th May, to ensure that our information regarding who is holding office within your parish and their contact details is accurate. The Bishop’s Staff also requested of all clergy in May, that they prepare to return information concerning the lay people within their parishes who have permission to assist in administering elements of Holy Communion (APCM return form part two).

You may also need a copy of the Churchwarden Declaration form. Although this is for elected churchwardens to complete and sign, it also needs to be signed by the Chair of the PCC following their election. This form does not need to be returned to us until the elected churchwarden attends one of the visitation services planned for May and beyond. Details of these events have already been sent to current churchwardens and can be found here.

Any forms relating to the APCMs can be returned to Edward King House via email or by post to:


We recognise that this is an incredibly busy time of year for PCC secretaries and would like to thank you for all that you do to ensure the smooth running of your parish.