Abridged and edited transcript from Howard Williams, Assistant Pastor at Alive Church. You can watch the video at this link.

Over the last number of months Christians from across the county have been singing the song 'The Blessing' from the Cathedral, over Lincolnshire. 

In 2021 it is hoped that churches from across Lincolnshire can gather together to sing it. Until then, and in the run up to Christmas, they wanted to do something that reveals God's love for the county through the local church. They have chosen to film and record a version of the song 'The Blessing'.

They would like as many people from churches across to county to take part and would like to mobilise the singers, choristers and musicians to become part of a mighty choir contributing their voices to the song. 

In addition, they would also like to include footage of the way local churches are blessing and serving their communities through their outreach projects. 

They will be releasing the video in the run up to Christmas and believe that the video will be a great visual representation of the power of the united church and the way in which the church is mobilised across the county to bring the blessing of God wherever we are.


Singers, choristers and musicians 

Follow this link which will take you to a Google Drive folder where you can download the backing track and all the instructions so you can create your own audio version, and your own video version of the song. You will also need to sign a photography consent form which is also published on the page. 

Community leaders

If you lead, or are involved in, a project that blesses the local community then you can find the instructions of how you can create a video showing what you do through your project at the same link as above https://bit.ly/36Amxvx

It is believed that as this song is sung over the county at Christmas it will be a wonderful testimony of the love of God, shown through the local church.