Children from Wootton St Andrews’s school joined the Reverend Alan Wright at St Andrew’s Church recently to take part in a ‘mock’ baptism.

The event forms part of the school’s Religious Education syllabus for those in key stage 1 and teaches them about initiation rites. The children learned, and saw, what is entailed in a baptism.

One child was designated as the mother of Annabelle the baby, one as father; there were two godmothers and two godfathers. The rest of the children were cousins, aunties and uncles.

Reverend Alan Wright said: “All the children are aged between five and seven so it is not that long ago since many of them were baptised themselves. Before the event, the children had been given some instruction as to what would be happening and they all seemed to enjoy it.  There is nothing so good as practical learning.

“I am a priest from Barton-upon-Humber who is also the Chair of the School of Governors and we feel it is very important for the school to have very close links with the church.”

The children were invited to give their feedback after the event – Isabelle said: “We went to the church and we did a little christening. I was the mother and Luke was the father and the Godparents were Mollie, Kyle, Alice and Oliver. I liked it when Annabelle got water on her head.” 

Harper said: “We went to the church and we did a little fake christening. The best bit was when baby Annabelle got baptised. She was a good baby, she didn’t cry.” 

“We went to a fake christening at the church. I really liked it when Reverend Wright got some water on Annabelle’s head.” said Edward.