L-R - 1) Station two - The Last Supper 2)  Station Seven  - Jesus is crucified 3) Station Seven - Revd Steve Holt talks to the children about the death of Jesus 4) Station Eight at the play park tunnel - Easter Sunday and the empty tomb.

Children from the Mrs Mary King primary school in Martin (near Metheringham, south east of Lincoln) walked the Stations of the Cross yesterday and feedback from the children included that they thought it was "amazing" and "good and exciting" and that they enjoyed having a walk with Reverend Steve. 

Revd Steve Holt is Vicar in the Carr Dyke group of parishes, a group of six churches near Sleaford.  He said: "It was wonderful to journey with the children through our dramatisation of Easter week. We were acutely aware that our options for Holy Week this year would be very limited due to COVID19 and not being able to have the children in church. Our benefice Reader, Mel Cuttell, was the brainchild behind our walk and she prepared all the scrips and the props for everyone. 

"We started outside Holy Trinity church in Martin when we gave them all a palm cross to take on their walk and we explained the symbolism of what the palm cross means to Christians. We spread the Stations out over the school's playground and the adjacent play park where the play tunnel doubled up as the tomb where Jesus' body was laid. Feedback has been very positive from both the children and the teachers.  

"We have a good relationship with the school and it is incumbent on us to work closely with them to ensure that we keep teaching the children the good news of Jesus Christ; and that each year we celebrate his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension in a meaningful and appropriate way for the children."

The children were asked at each station to think about how they might have felt if they were actually there and how making the journey made them feel. They weren't asked for answers but were requested to think about it as the journey progressed. Their answers will be reviewed when Revd Steve and Mel go back into school next term.

Class 1 – Reception - children aged 4-5

  • It was good because we had crosses
  • It was so fun.

Class 2 – Year One and Two - children aged 5-7

  • It was a journey. It was very good and exciting
  • I think the Easter story is amazing
  • I thought we could go into the tomb and dress up as Jesus. Before that we could have the last supper with bread and blackcurrant juice.

Class 3 – Year Three and Four - children aged 7-9

  • It made me feel happy because we learned a bit more and we had a three-day walk with Reverend Steve.
  • It made me feel good inside because you see a different side to the story. 

Class 4 – Year Five and Six - children aged 9-11

  • It teaches you much more of the story
  • It was like we were actually there
  • The experience was good. It was like you were going through the days one by one.

Class 4 Teacher

It was thought-provoking, effective and engaged the children. It was also good to have all the staff involved.