2021 marks 75 years of Christian Aid. The charity was founded in 1945 by a number of churches that came together to help people stricken by poverty and who were broken and displaced after the end of WW2.

During that time it has helped those affected by the humanitarian disaster in Nigeria in the 1960s and famine in Africa in the 1980s, HIV in the 1990s. It has campaigned for debt cancellation, stood by those fighting apartheid and prejudice and fought for trade justice. Now it is fighting the climate crisis which is leaving poor people around the world hungry and homeless and that is the focus of this year's Christian Aid Week which runs from Sunday 9th to Sunday 16th May. 

In the links below you can watch a prerecorded talk by Jez Gowers-Cromie, Church Engagement and Fundraising Officer thanking everyone who has supported them over its 75 years. There is also a film featuring Florence, who lives in Kenya where the droughts and unreliable rain have had a devastating effect on people. The video shows how, by building an earth dam, people and communities can thrive.

Watch it on YouTube

Download and watchTo download the talk, please use a laptop and not a mobile phone. Click on the link and then in the top right corner you will see three dots - click on this and choose download.