This email communication has been sent to all licensed Active Clergy, clergy who hold the bishop's Permission to Officiate, Retired Clergy, Readers, Authorised Lay Ministers, Churchwardens, Lay Chairs, PCC Secretaries, and the members of the Bishop’s Council of Diocesan Trustees.

Dear colleagues 

With Holy Week ahead of us we are grateful and appreciative of the ministry you are doing in such different ways. Please remember our warm encouragement to join in the worship and resources from the diocese and to distribute this information in your parish. Our aim is to complement what is already happening at a local level. These begin on Palm Sunday with a reflection from Bishop Nicholas that will be on the diocesan website as well as the bishops' Facebook page. This is a link to the diocesan resources and worship on our website.  

Looking beyond Easter we do encourage you to take time to rest, particularly if you had time off already planned in the diary, as our current challenges are not short term in nature. Today we draw to your attention to funeral organisation, some safeguarding advice and the ongoing availability of the Transformation Fund. 

Funeral Organisation 

To ensure we can provide information to funeral directors as to who may be available to assist with funerals, our rural deans and deanery administrators will be points of contact for funeral directors. Alongside this structure, which is already in place in many deaneries, we want to ensure that clergy who already have good working relationships with funeral directors maintain those as well as being a possible source of pastoral support to them at this time. As a matter of clarification from yesterday's information about funeral fees: Each diocese decides whether funeral fees are to be applied. At this point the diocese has decided for fees to remain in place considering the ongoing pastoral work as well as options such as memorial services in the future. 

Safeguarding during a pandemic

This link is to a video that is being used by a number of organisations that are in contact with children, families and vulnerable adults at this time and is a useful reminder to us to be watchful and alert to safeguarding risks and what to do next should we be concerned. 

The diocesan safeguarding advisors are contactable by phone or email should you have any concerns or require support - [email protected] and 07432 522412                                                              

Events from Home 

Please also be aware of options to still attend events from home. Some people from the diocese intended to be physically present at the annual Spring Harvest event. That has now been cancelled. However, there is the option to attend from home for free from April 13-17 as long as you have access to YouTube. Here is a link to a video with further information:

Transformation Fund 

We are repeatedly asked to consider how we might be church for our communities while we cannot meet together, and we are aware that all sorts of exciting community care projects are underway around the diocese. Don’t forget that if your project could be helped through some extra funding the Transformation Fund is still able to award grants of up to £500 towards the good things which are going on. You can find the Tier 1 application forms here under the ‘Transformation Fund’ heading. These can be sent to [email protected]

With our prayers and thanks 

Bishop David
The Right Reverend Dr David Court
Bishop of Grimsby
Acting Bishop of Lincoln


Bishop Nicholas
The Right Reverend Dr Nicholas Chamberlain
Bishop of Grantham