Dear Colleagues,

We wish to start by saying we were hugely encouraged at seeing the ways church was able to change over the weekend, enabling the Body of Christ to gather and care for each other through the use of social media, live streaming and people phoning to check on each other. Thank you for your efforts.

Please note London has closed its church buildings for private prayer. We are awaiting further guidance from the national church as to whether there is a need to do the same on a national basis. We will communicate these to you as soon as we can. Please continue to refer to the Church of England website that is being continually updated as well as our diocesan website.


Diocesan Planning

We now have daily meetings at 9am with structures in place to work with the archdeacons and rural deans with most staff in the bishops’ office working from home apart from some essential meetings. It is important that we demonstrate and lead by example by using technology when available for these meetings. We will also be providing daily updates using email as well as our website and social media.


From the diocesan secretary:

This week we are circulating the instrument on 2020 APCMs with explanatory notes to incumbents, PCC secretaries, lay chairs and rural deans. We do anticipate some enquiries from parishes who have already held their APCMs.  Therefore there is the following advice from David Dadswell.


Newly elected:

o    PCC officers take office from the date of the 2020 APCM

o    Deanery Synod laity members will not take office until 1 December 2020

o    Churchwardens will only take up the role of Churchwarden after they have been admitted to office.  The outgoing wardens will retain office until their successors are admitted as officers of the bishop, which normally takes place at the Visitations (postponed in our diocese).  This means that we are asking those Churchwardens already in office to continue until such time as new wardens can be admitted to office.  If not possible, please contact your Archdeacon.     



At this time we do wish to make sure each person in ministry, both lay and ordained are cared for. The following is a message from the Revd Jackie Johnson our wellbeing officer.

As you know all too well, those who have authorised or licensed lay ministry roles, and clergy, are finding that work has become so much more complicated in recent days; new information impacts everyone’s wellbeing on pretty much a daily basis, and indications would suggest there are more changes to our usual way of life on the horizon.  It’s easy in parish life to feel isolated and remote even in the best of times, and so this comes to say that I, and all those who are normally based at Edward King House, will do our best to support you in whatever we way can.  

I am contacting all those in my email address book, and ringing others, just checking in to see how things are, and signposting help where necessary.  My contact details are at the end of this message, and if it would be helpful to talk, about anything, please do call, or we can Facetime, or maybe Zoom.    

Most importantly, I am praying for all who are involved in church leadership, lay and ordained, and for your families; praying that you are able to allay each other’s fears, finding ways to divert minds, taking hold of the hope which is set before us, and that together you will be blessed.  I also pray that as you follow God’s call you will stay safe and well – self-care is paramount.  And finally, I pray that you continue to be given all you need to be a blessing to those who look to you for comfort and answers, helping those in your community to find the peace that passes all understanding. 

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07590 95 00 40

Email: [email protected]


Please continue to pray for us as we pray for you.

Bishop David and Bishop Nicholas

The Right Reverend Dr David Court
Bishop of Grimsby
Acting Bishop of Lincoln

The Right Reverend Dr Nicholas Chamberlain
Bishop of Grantham