Throughout Lincolnshire, the harvest is beginning.

It’s such a significant time in the life of our county, as farming, the production of food, is the lifeblood of our rural communities. People have been thanking God, however they saw God, for thousands of years for providing enough food to see humans and animals through the winter.

All our churches will be holding their “traditional” harvest festivals in the autumn. Yet Harvest Festivals as we know them now weren’t actually introduced until the 1840’s – comparatively modern!

Before that, Christians all over Europe celebrated the beginning of the harvest with a “Lammas” or loaf-mass, service around this time of year. This developed from the Jewish Harvest festival of Succoth or the Feast of the Tabernacles. Rather than waiting for the time when ‘all is safely gathered in,’ would bring the ‘first-fruits' - the first grapes or ears of corn as an offering of thanksgiving to God. This is what happens at Lammas, a tradition which goes back to Anglo-Saxon times. We bring to God a sheaf of corn and a loaf made from the first-fruits of the harvest.

On Sunday morning (1st August) at 11.00 St Benedict’s Church, Scrivelsby, will be holding a Lammas Service, and thanking God for the first corn of the harvest.

Vicar, the Revd Andrew Roberts, says – “It would be lovely if you could join us, come along and enjoy the ancient tradition, music and more.” We would ask you please to wear a face-covering. Contact Andrew for more details.