After the success of the inaugural event last year, the organisers of the Holland Places of Worship Festival are calling on all places of worship to join in with this year’s festival.

Set to take place on Saturday, 8th September and Sunday, 9th September 2018, the festival offers an opportunity to turn the spotlight on some of the architectural, cultural and community treasures of the region and to introduce them to a wider audience. A varied range of attractions will feature as part of this years festival, including church tours, music and flower festivals, family fun and home baking, and the chance to sit quietly in some of the area’s most beautiful buildings. 

Looking ahead to the festival, Myra Scott, Chair of the Holland Places of Worship Festival, has said: “It will not be just Church of England buildings that are opened: all faiths and denominations are invited to join in. It is about promoting and celebrating the places of worship in this region. The only requirement to take part is that the buildings should be opened and free to enter. We also ask for a small contribution towards the marketing costs.

“Of course, some groups will want to take the opportunity to stage events – such as guided tours, craft fairs, art exhibitions, musical performances, etc. Last year, we did find that those who made more of an event of the occasion attracted the greatest numbers of visitors. But it is for individual places of worship to decide what is best for them.

“The festival generated lots of interest last year when we had a comparatively modest number of groups taking part. We are hoping to expand our membership this year and increase the number of tourists and visitors who visit us and discover the buildings that in many cases are still the heart of their communities; buildings which can offer insight into the history and life of their parishes. Some are architectural gems, with beautiful stained glass, carvings and artefacts. And, they all have stories – whether funny, sad, or historically important. It is a chance for visitors – and some faith communities to discover hidden treasures about our area.”

For churches that would like to take part, there is a deadline of 13th May 2018 for the inclusion of details in the festival booklet, and all participating groups will be able to link to the festival  website.

For further details, please contact Linda Forman by email or call Clive Briggs on 07856 30 37 99.

St Peter and St Paul, Kirton.