The Bishop of Grantham says the decision to close RAF Scampton, with the relocation of the Red Arrows, is a huge loss for Lincoln.

The Rt Revd Dr Nicholas Chamberlain says while he understands the Ministry of Defence’s need to review its operational resources the closure raises big questions for the local economy. There is the loss of more than 600 jobs at the base and the loss of heritage that is upsetting for many. 

“The sight of the red, white and blue smoke trails from the planes round the Cathedral, and over the county, is a huge source of pride and identity to many and is part of Lincolnshire. I do hope there are ways to ensure that the history of Scampton lives on so that an attempt to cut costs does not cut heritage.”

The bishop says there is a community at Scampton to care for now that is entering a time of change. He says there is also a community to plan for in the future with questions such as what sort of housing may be built on the site and whether it will include affordable housing with shops and services to sustain them.

“These are all challenging questions for our local economy. The church is willing to work with other stakeholders to ensure there are some positives in what the future holds for a site with such history.”

Media enquiries should be directed to the Revd Jayson Rhodes, Chaplain to the Bishop of Lincoln, on 07487 242 912.