The Revd Adam Watson, Vicar of Welton, Dunholme and Scothern (WDS) benefice shares details of 'mysterious chalk writing' that mysteriously appeared on the path of St. Chad’s Church in Dunholme in early August.

On investigation, the scribes were a couple of members of the WDS Benefice '4 O'Clock Service' team, who had created a fun and interactive way for families and the wider community to pray together in the sunny weather.

Encouraged to bring their own chalk to add to the prayers, both young and old journeyed together along the path, many of them finishing off with a fish or a paddle in the beck.

Perhaps it's something which your church could do in good weather?

The seven messages are as follows:

  1. Jump for joy (hopscotch). As you jump for joy, thank God for the things that bring you JOY.
  2. Life is a journey that God wants to walk through with you. Invite him to walk with you today and follow these footsteps
  3. Add a coloured shape to our floor stained glass and say sorry for anything you’ve done wrong.
  4. Sometimes life is hard and feels like a storm. Ask God for help in the storm and add a boat to the wave.
  5. Add a leaf to our memory tree and pray for those we have lost.
  6. Church is a family, not just a building. Add a stick man to me!
  7. If you enjoyed the chalk prayer path add a heart.