The Prayer Book Society reports that ‘a new marker in the history of a thousand-year-old Lincolnshire church’ has been announced. 

It is reported that centuries of devotion to the Book of Common Prayer at St Nicholas Church in Cabourne – a hamlet in West Lindsey – have been endorsed through corporate membership of the Prayer Book Society, which encourages ‘rediscovery and use of the majesty and spiritual depth of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer at the heart of the Church of England’s worship’.

‘Within living memory we have only ever used the Prayer Book here,’ explains churchwarden Pauline Johnson. ‘Most of those who love our services do so because the language is both familiar and well-known from childhood’.

St Nicholas Church uses the Book of Common Prayer for a service of Matins held on the third Sunday of each month, and features of the historic church include a Saxon tower, font and grave markers that are a thousand years old. The church’s Tudor chalice, made locally in Hull in 1553, is used annually for Holy Communion on Easter Day.

Further information on the Prayer Book Society may be found here.