As published in the November/December 2018 issue of Crosslincs, every Church of England church has a page on A Church Near You, the Church of England’s tool to help people to find the nearest church to them.

The website currently receives around 10 million page views a year, with 50% more traffic recorded in December 2017 when compared with December 2016. Many of these visitors are using the site for the first time (82%), and a lot of the enquiries that churches receive through the site are for weddings and baptisms.

A Church Near You is completely free to use, and by using it as the parish website it is possible to free up money for other church projects. In addition, the site is said to meet modern security and accessibility standards, and so can save local churches lots of time and resource.

Further features have recently been added to help parishes enhance their listings, and these include the ability to add news stories, notice sheets and a photo gallery, and the option of using a current page as the parish website by forwarding the domain name to A Church Near You. It is also possible to view how many people have visited a page by week, month and year.

For further help, please look for the help centre at A Church Near You or contact the diocesan Communications Office (contact details are here).