The 2019 Parish Share Calculation

This two page document details an example of how it is calculated.

Parish Share Appeals process for 2019 

A two page PDF and Word document are available which describe the three steps you will need to look at when assessing your benefice's ability to pay the Parish share and how to lodge an appeal. 

Parish Share presentations

This powerpoint presentation contains 23 slides which detail the considerations taken into account, details nine recommendations, support for benefices and the amounts payable in 2019. This presentation was delivered in November 2018.

Deanery consultation on parish share

This document sets out the context of parish share and the need to raise contributions to pay for stipendiary clergy across the parishes from what benefices/parishes contribute.

The consultation asks for feedback on two topics:

  • Do you approve of the policy in principle of Parish Share under the revised formula?
  • Do you approve of the changes to Parish Share with effect from 2019?

The consultation closes on Friday 8 March and feedback will be discussed at Diocesan Synod on Saturday, 13 April 2019. The document can be found here.

On 13 April 2019 this presentation was given to Diocesan Synod to summarise the feedback from the consultation. 

Parish Share report

This document (Parish Share report) covers the 2018 review of the Parish Share formula, recommendations and support for benefices. 

Parish Giving scheme (PGS)

This is a professional, effective donation management system to support parishes in funding their mission and ministry. It is used by over half of the Church of England dioceses,  administering over £2.8 million (including Gift Aid) annually from ore than 30,000 donors from over 1,700 parishes. Donations are collected via direct debit and there is no charge to the parish. 

The diocese has joined the PGS after having 'road-tested' it in 11 parishes over the past year. Feedback from those involved in the pilot study as well as those who have seen the presentations on what it can deliver have been very positive. You can read more about the scheme and see the presentations here.

If you want to know more please contact our Stewardship Officers:

Hugo Cobham - covers the southern half of the diocese - on 07785 968608 or email: [email protected]

Jane Hodgson - covers the northern half of the diocese - on 07701 364461 or email [email protected]

The budget for 2019

This 16 page document can be found here.

Parish Share Communications

The Diocesan Secretary is committed to sending out regular updates on parish share and the work of the deficit reduction task force. These can be found below:

November 2018

February 2019

May 2019