The Diocesan Spirituality Adviser is responsible for the development of spirituality training events, overseeing the spiritual direction network, co-ordinating the diocesan programme of Weeks of Guided Prayer and developing spiritual resources. 

For enquiries relating to Spiritual Direction, please call 01522 50 40 39.

You can find out more about the diocesan policy and framework for spiritual direction here.

For general information about spiritual direction, please click here.

Exploring prayer, spirituality and creativity

We run a regular programme of events and training days. A previous programme included:

  • Mindfulness and the Christian spiritual tradition
  • Lectio divina - an introduction
  • Running a quiet day.

Quiet Spaces Directory

Our Quiet Spaces Directory lists over 30 venues in or around the diocese that are suitable for quiet days or similar events. The online copy is here, with a supplement to this document available here

Inspiration from local Saints – Furthering Holiness

Bishop Christopher Lowson wrote in the introduction to 'Furthering Holiness':

“Looking at the lives evoked in this book, I am encouraged and challenged in two ways. First, the story of these holy men and women is a reminder of something we have always known: that God calls ordinary people to be his disciples and saints. It is not God’s way to recruit via a talent show like the X Factor, when likely boys and girls with the right basic ingredients in terms of looks – and sometimes even musical ability – are groomed for stardom.

God’s way is to take the ordinary and transform it into the extraordinary. He does this when he takes the bread and wine of the Eucharist and transforms it into the Body and Blood of his Son; when he takes water from the tap and turns it into the life-giving waters of baptism; when he takes oil we might cook with and turns it into the oil of new life, healing and gladness. Jesus did this when he chose his first disciples, who were a ramshackle group of largely manual workers who became the saints and martyrs of the Early Church. The implication for us quite clear: you and I have nowhere to hide – God wants to transform each one of us into the likeness of Christ.

We can learn much from these holy men and women of Lincolnshire.

Printed copies of Furthering Holiness are available upon request from [email protected]

What is a Week of Guided Prayer?

A Week of Guided Prayer provides an opportunity to reflect on our individual relationship with God, and how the call of Christ is at work in our daily life. It is an invitation to explore new ways of praying and to be supported by a guide who is experienced in this ministry. It is a time for encouragement and renewal, for learning and exploring. The Holy Spirit is the guide for all that happens and all those taking part, guides and participants, find themselves bound together in a mutual awareness of the Spirit, who is ‘the source of our lives’ directing our course.

How does it work?

The ‘week’ will be a period of five days (Monday to Friday). Each participant makes a commitment to a half hour’s prayer a day – as discussed with their prayer guide at a one-to-one daily meeting, which is scheduled to last no longer than 40 minutes. The week begins and ends with a gathering for all those involved. The daily meeting with the prayer guide is crucial – allowing the retreatant to share with their guide their experience in prayer and to discern the next step on the journey through the week. The prayer guides arrange to meet at a time that is convenient for you. The final meeting reviews the past week and provides an opportunity to look forward, providing material and advice for a continuing walk with Christ.

Weeks of Guided Prayer have been held in individual churches, for groups of parishes and for deaneries. A report from a previous Week of Guided Prayer can be found here.

Labyrinth project & Prayer banners

We have three canvas labyrinths available for loan free of charge for use in churches, schools, at festivals, etc.

You can find the Labyrinth Support Pack here, and a booking form is available here.

We also have a range of large prayer banners designed by the Lindisfarne Scriptorium, which are available for loan, free of charge. Please click here for a leaflet about them, and here for a form relating to loans. To enquire about bookings contact [email protected] or telephone 01522 50 40 50.