Covering letter for May 2018: Briefing Document on Safeguarding Procedures

May 2018: Briefing Document on Safeguarding Procedures

A reflection on forgiveness

Circles of Support

DBS - current CCPAS/Diocesan scheme

DBS eligibility and related matters 

DBS eligibility FAQs

DBS Benefice/Parish/Group Recruiter list as at 27th June 2018

Safeguarding Whistleblowing Policy

Draft Parish Safeguarding Handbook

e-bulk Guide for Applicants including application form

Good Practice with Vulnerable Adults with Certain Disabilities

Handling Disclosures of Abuse

House of Bishops Safeguarding Reflection

How to record a Safeguarding Concern

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Model Parish Safeguarding Officer Role Description

Model Safeguarding Provision for Hiring of Church Premises

Operation Redstone Information

PCC Model Policy Statement

Practice Guidance: Safer Recruitment

Practice Guidance: Safeguarding Training and Development

Procedural Flowchart: Adults at Risk of Abuse

Procedural Flowchart: Children

Procedural Flowchart: Individuals that pose a risk

Promoting a Safer Church

Protecting All God's Children (4th edition)

Recruiters Guide - e-bulk system including appointment form

Responding Well

Safeguarding Contact Information

Statement of Safeguarding Principles