We believe that Stewardship is about much more than simply financial transactions. We believe that it is the careful use of all that God gives us – money, time, our talents and gifts – and is a key part of our being a disciple of Jesus.

We believe we are called to live generously in response to all that our generous God has given us. Because of this we have developed a ‘Stewardship Creed’.

We believe that...

  • all things come from God, and of his own do we give him
  • giving is to resource the whole mission of the Church, not just to balance the books
  • such giving is from the household of God, not the general public
  • giving flows from discipleship, not just from pressure from the vicar
  • the Diocesan Office (Edward King House) exists to serve and enable the diocese (the Church of England across greater Lincolnshire) to transform lives
  • leaders need to lead by their example and their teaching
  • some approach to proportionate giving (often known as ‘tithing’) is a sound biblical principle, although not a law binding on Christians.

In all we do we aim to help parishes and individuals answer this call to generous living. We can help you through:

  • personal visits to your PCC meeting, ministry team gathering, Deanery Synod or another group to discuss your needs directly and seek solutions for your local context
  • campaign materials that facilitate parishes in holding a Giving Review
  • a series of leaflets entitled Generous Living introducing different stewardship themes to help parishes and mission communities to plan a holistic and well-rounded stewardship policy
  • offering preachers and speakers for a Sunday service or other event to speak on aspects of Christian stewardship
  • advice on fundraising campaigns.

Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme was officially launched in the Diocese in October 2018 and is available free of charge to all parishes across the Diocese who wish to use it.

The Parish Giving Scheme offers individual parishes the facility for all who wish to give money regularly to do so by Direct Debit, the simplest and cheapest and most effective way to give, and it handles the Gift Aid on those gifts.

If you are interested in any aspect of Stewardship please contact the Stewardship Officers, Hugo Cobham (covering the south of the diocese) via email or by calling 07885 96 86 08 or Jane Hodgson (covering the north of the diocese) via email or by calling 07701 36 44 61.

Copy of PGS Launch Programme November 1 2018 - Sleaford

Copy of PGS Launch Programme October 31 2018 - Caistor

PGS Launch Presentation - Caistor (PDF file)

PGS Launch Presentation - Sleaford (PDF file)

Parish Giving Scheme Implementation Handbook

Useful links

Parish Resources – a website to support all aspects of stewardship, administration and management in the local church.

Parish Buying service – a resource set up by the national Church to save parishes time and money.