The Homilies Project is a resource that originated with the diocesan Liturgical Committee to resource parishes for Sunday (or weekday) worship.

Many smaller congregations might not have regular access to a priest or reader, and so this resource was created to enable people to engage with the scriptures without a licensed and theologically trained leader.

Each week’s material is based on the Gospel reading from the Common Worship lectionary, and contains details of the day’s readings, the Gospel printed out in full, a brief homily that is designed to stimulate discussion and prayer, and some questions that you might use either to begin discussion or consider as part of your time set aside for prayer.

The homilies are written by a variety of people, including our bishops and archdeacons, and these may be read by lay leaders who are otherwise not authorised to preach. They may be used within the context of a lay-led Service of the Word or Morning or Evening Prayer. They might also be used at midweek services or study groupsWe aim to post each week’s homily on the website at least a week in advance, so as to allow time for prayer and preparation.


(Homilies will be added here as soon as they become available. For enquiries, please contact Richard Steel via email or by calling 07220 740955)

Homily for Sunday 29th November (Advent Sunday): Word file / PDF file  Video

[You will note that there is a third category for this Homily. Clicking Video will take you to our You Tube Channel where you can watch Archdeacon Justine deliver her sermon. You could link from your own Facebook Live, Zoom, etc service and lead a discussion afterwards]

Homily for Sunday 22nd November (Christ the King): Word file / PDF file

Homily for Sunday 15th November (A-2): Word file / PDF file

Homily for Sunday 8th November (Remembrance Sunday): Word file / PDF file

Homily for Monday 2nd November 2020 (All Souls): Word file/ PDF file

Homily for Sunday 1st November 2020 (All Saints) : Word file / PDF file

The two services below may be led by an appropriate lay minister, and the week's Homily may be read and discussed. Other liturgical materials may be used as appropriate, particularly during the different seasons of the church year.

A morning service of the Word: PDF File

An evening service of the Word: PDF File