This page was prepared ahead of Thy Kingdom Come 2020 and will be updated in due course. For the very latest on this annual event, please see the Thy Kingdom Come website.

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has since grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come starts on Ascension Day (Thursday 21st May) and ends on Pentecost Sunday (31st May). The heart of it this year, as in every year, is for us to pray for people to come to a belief in Jesus, a belief that will change their lives.

Of course, Thy Kingdom Come will have to be done rather differently this year, although nothing about the current situation can stop us praying alone, in our households or corporately, even if we can’t pray in the same physical space.

As individuals we are called to pray for five specific people, friends and family members, to come to faith. As households we can pray together for the five we each feel a special calling to pray for. And as churches we can pray for many in our community to come to faith.

Perhaps you read the other day of the survey by Tearfund which showed that a quarter of adults in the UK have watched or listened to a religious service since the coronavirus lockdown began? That’s around 15 million, nearly 10 times the number who normally come to church. And one in 20 people have started praying.

One of the most interesting things about that 15 million people is that it included nearly twice as many young adults (18 to 34) than those over the age of 55. That 15 million is likely to include young people, and older people, whom you know. Perhaps the very people you are praying for are themselves praying! They may be praying for protection, for healing, for peace, for hope. We can pray that as they pray they will feel the love of God become real to them in a way they’ve never known before. What an opportunity for a conversation when we can next meet.

Thy Kingdom Come resources

A range of helpful resources have been prepared for churches, individuals, families and young people (these may be found at

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to order physical versions of any of the resources you will need to do so by 13th May. Because of guidelines under COVID-19 orders can only be sent out to individual addresses, not bulk orders. However, almost everything can be downloaded and printed off at home.

Families & Young people

The Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map and App is the flagship family resource for this year.

Created with Missional Generation, the map is packed with activities based on the daily themes of Thy Kingdom Come and through the augmented reality app, comes to life with bonus digital content including videos and games.

This includes animations of well-known Bible stories and also reflections from Archbishop Justin Welby, Guvna B, CBBC's Gemma Hunt, Jonathan Bryan (Eye Can Talk), Philip Glassborow and Sally Lloyd-Jones - Author of the Jesus Storybook Bible.

A Family Prayer Adventure Map A2 Front

A Family Prayer Adventure Map A2 Back

A Family Prayer Adventure A4 print at home version

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts - Jesus

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts - Praise

The Family Prayer Adventure podcasts - Thanks

Five ideas for families to get involved

Check out this video with Archbishop Justin Welby and CBBC's Gemma Hunt as they try out the map and app!

Individuals and Churches

These include:

Thy Kingdom Come Hymn 2020 sung by worship leader Pete james to the melody of Tell Out my Soul. The lyrics can be found on the same page as the video. 

A customisable promotional video with six templates available for you to choose from

You can find an adapted video for Greater Lincolnshire here:

Pray for five friends

Five Ways to get involved

A Prayer Journal 


Journey with Mary

Common Worship Daily Prayer 

Social Media assets

The Thy Kingdom Come app - available on Google Play and on Apple phones via the App Store. 

We look forward to hearing about the creative ways you are doing Thy Kingdom Come this year, please do share them with us to encourage and inspire others. Please send any information about what you are doing to [email protected]