See below for a list of papers showing the thinking and development of A Time to Change Together

1. Resourcing Sustainable Church: The Full Report

This is the full 71-page document, including appendices, that was approved by Diocesan Synod in May 2021.

2. Resourcing Sustainable Church: The Recommendations and Commitments

This six-page document which details the 15 Recommendations and 15 Commitments of RSC which became "A Time to Change Together". These cover the following and there are multiple recommendations and commitments for each of these themes:

  • Growth
  • Ministry
  • Parish Share
  • Costs
  • Assets

3. Resourcing Sustainable Church: Summary Document

This is a two-page summary of the process and principles underlying the RSC: A Time to Change Together proposals. This document was produced and circulated after Diocesan Synod approved the recommendations.

4. Synod approves Resourcing Sustainable Church

The Bishop of Grimsby, The Rt Revd Dr David Court, spoke to BBC Radio Lincolnshire's William Wright on Sunday 9th May about the decision by Synod approving A Time to Change Together - Resourcing Sustainable church. To listen to this interview please click below.