The Implementation Team for A Time to Change Together is a group of seven seconded and/or volunteer posts tasked with driving centrally and supporting locally the delivery of the 15 recommendations approved by Diocesan Synod in May 2021. 

Please be in touch if we can support you in any way. We are available for email, zoom calls, phone calls, in-person meetings and parish visits.

For general enquiries, including printing requests, please contact:

[email protected] 

Operational Lead


The Venerable Alyson Buxton

[email protected]

01522 50 40 82

The Venerable Aly Buxton oversees A Time to Change Together, under the leadership of the Acting Bishop of Lincoln.  Aly says, "This project is full of potential for us all as we join God to embrace an intentional future of growth for ourselves and our Diocese."

Implementation Lead

The Revd Richard Crossland

[email protected]

07717 767 879

Richard leads the implementation team and oversees work on deanery partnerships, local mission partnerships and church types. He did a lot on the RSC project up to its approval and launch. He says, "I’m delighted to have been asked to be part of the team doing the detail and the implementation".

Monitoring & Evaluation Lead  

Canon Nigel Bacon

[email protected]

01522 50 40 50


As the TTCT Implementation Team’s Monitoring and Evaluation Lead, Nigel is responsible for measuring and evaluating TTCT’s missional and financial impact with the aim of ensuring we stay on course as a diocese and achieve our collective goals.

Covenant and Generous Living Lead 

The Revd Simon Dean 

[email protected]

01522 50 40 50

Simon will provide an inspiring and visionary lead to develop and implement a culture of generosity across the Diocese of Lincoln at parish, deanery and diocesan level. He will offer leadership to develop and implement the Covenant Scheme whilst supporting and developing the work of Covenant Pastors and Generous Living Ambassadors.

Warden of the College of St Hugh  

The Revd Canon Hugh Jones

[email protected]

07809 521995


Hugh is charged with bringing into existence the College of St Hugh. The College of St Hugh will provide the training for mission and ministry that is essential to realising the culture change and growth that are key foundations of A Time to Change Together.

RSC Manager

Nicola Snelling

[email protected]

01522 50 40 52

Nicola will be overseeing the operations management of TTCT. She will be the central liaison point for the implementation team and will support the Archdeacon and Bishop in ensuring the timely delivery of each recommendation, monitoring the timeline and supporting the delivery of agreed actions.

Theological Reflector and Chaplain

Alan Moses

[email protected] 

Fr Alan Moses, Warden of Spirituality, has been a member of the Time to Change Together Implementation Team since February 2022. Fr Alan is supporting the planning for resources to support prayer and theological reflection on A Time to Change Together within congregations.