If you're reading this, congratulations on your engagement! 

If you would like to get married in church we can help you make your day truly special – the personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful day you want it to be. 

Tydd St Mary (near Spalding), with kind permission of Jonathan Bye.

More than just a venue

For some people, a church simply seems like the proper place to get married. Churches can be described as ‘peaceful’, ‘serene’, or having an atmosphere that makes marrying there a particularly special experience.

The Church of England has 16,000 church buildings that, in addition to being places of worship, are places of outstanding beauty, some of which offer centuries of history.

You may be wanting to get married in the same church as your parents or other members of your family, and we know these sorts of connections can make your day even more special as you become part of that history and connectedness to a sacred space.

But a church is so much more than simply a venue for your wedding – as the unique and special presence of God becomes part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond. God’s blessing is the main attraction for many couples, whatever their beliefs.

Your promises, or vows, that you will make to each other are unique to church weddings and are spoken before God and in front of your family and friends.  Your vows will help you to stay together and grow together and God and your church are there for you to help you keep them.

The vicar who will marry you

Ahead of getting married you will meet the vicar who will want to get to know you as a couple before your ceremony if he doesn’t know you already. At the first meeting they will discuss with you the legalities of your intention to marry and that you have a legally recognised connection with the church.

Your vicar can blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story and together you can make your wedding more personal, memorable and meaningful to you as a couple. You can also be involved in making choices about your ceremony and how it is conducted.

You can have a variety of music – some people may want secular music to walk out of church to – this is all possible.

The online ceremony planner will help you to get you started.

After the wedding

And after your wedding, you’ll realise that a church is more than simply a wedding venue. We’ll always be here for you.

Can I get married in church?

A lot of people think they're not allowed to be married in church, but things have changed a lot.

You don't necessarily have to have attended church regularly for years to get married in one.

You can marry in a Church of England church if:

  • You have lived at any time in the parish for six months
  • You were christened (baptised) there
  • You were confirmed there and that confirmation was entered into the register at the church or
  • If you have attended normal church services there for six months. 

A family connection

Alternatively, you can get married in a church in a parish where one of your parents has lived for six months or has gone regularly to church for six months.  The final option is if one your parents or grandparents were married in the parish.

Civil weddings and blessings

Many couples who have had a civil wedding decide they would like to dedicate their marriage to God in church soon afterwards, and this can also be arranged.

A full guide to church weddings can be found at https://www.yourchurchwedding.org/