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Focal Ministry

“Could God be calling you to share in the local leadership of your church? No doubt he will equip you for the task and, through you, bring the good works
around you to completion.”

The Rt Revd Stephen Conway, Bishop of Lincoln

What is a Focal Minister?

Focal Ministers are an everyday presence and focus of ministry within their local church and community. As a pillar of practical leadership, they strengthen and uphold our ability to be who we are called to be, bringing out the very best in all our activities and actions for Christ.

A Simple Overview of Focal Ministry

This booklet briefly outlines what a Focal Minister is, the signs of a Focal Minister, the journey of becoming a Focal Minister, and more. We highly recommend reading this for a broader understanding of Focal Ministry.

The Focal Ministry Pathway

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Focal Ministry Resources for Clergy

Guides and forms for clergy involved in selecting, nominating, resolving, and formalising a candidate for Focal Ministry.

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Focal Ministry Resources for Clergy