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Concerns, Complaints, Grievances and Whistleblowing

The Diocese of Lincoln’s Parish Support Office, the Bishop’s Office and all of our clergy and lay ministers are committed to providing excellent service and support to parish officers, clergy, lay ministers, employed members of staff and the general public. Sometimes, the actions or in-actions of others can cause us genuine concern, whether we are worried about a vulnerable person who may be at risk, an illegal or illicit activity which might cause someone or the Diocese as a whole harm, or a personal wrong that has been done to us.

We have gathered together the various guidance, policies and procedures for any type of concern whether you are lay or ordained, a volunteer or employed, or someone who simply uses our services.

It may be that your concern relates to numerous issues or people and you are therefore unsure of the appropriate procedure to follow. You can contact the Diocesan Secretary for confidential advice, or use what you believe to be the most suitable procedure which can then be re-directed as necessary. The Parish Support Office (the Lincoln Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance Ltd) and the Bishop’s Office are committed to working as one where possible to deal quickly and fairly with issues that cover multiple policies and areas of responsibility.