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Caring for Creation

The climate and biodiversity crisis is a crisis for all God’s creation and a fundamental injustice. It affects most those who have done the least damage. However, across our Diocese people are involved in a range of activities to reduce carbon emissions, protect and enhance the environment and care for our neighbours. This is urgent and a responsibility given to us by God. 

We are all encouraged to adopt care for creation into our faith practice. This has meant encouraging parishes to embed creation care into their church life, supported by a network of Deanery Environmental Champions. Care for Creation is built into our strategic decision making and is supported by the Diocesan Environmental Implementation Panel (LDEIP).

The Diocesan Environmental Policy

The vision for the Diocese of Lincoln is a healthy, vibrant and sustainable church transforming lives in greater Lincolnshire. Environmentally, this has implications for individual Christians, every church and as a diocese together, becoming a place where: 

  • every aspect of ministry and mission contributes to the well-being of creation. This includes our worship, training, assets, churches, churchyards, schools and glebe lands. They contribute through our stewardship of land, biodiversity, water, air quality, materials, resources and people 
  • carbon emissions produced through our activity are reduced towards net zero by 2030. This in line with the motion agreed at General Synod in February 2020 
  • we use the Church of England’s ‘Energy Footprint Tool’ to measure change 
  • diverse ecologies and habitats of all living creatures thrive in Lincolnshire, and that its neighbouring seas will be richer in biodiversity 
  • partnership working builds resilient communities able to respond well together to situations of environmental crisis. 

The vision contributes to mission through: 
Worship which glorifies God our Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer, through liturgy, teaching, training, worship, prayer and resources 
Discipleship inspired by Christ’s redeeming love for the whole of creation through building confidence and maturity in Christian environmental stewardship, cherishing of all creation and challenging injustice  
Service bringing nearer the Kingdom of God through individuals, partnerships, parishes and as a diocese by engaging in local contexts and acting as global partners in God’s mission in the flourishing of life in all its fullness. 

Download the full policy “Diocese of Lincoln – Environmental Policy updated 2020”

What can we do?

Look through the below pages to find practical tips on how to get involved with the Care for Creation