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Pastoral Reorganisation

The Church is ever changing both as the Holy Spirit directs and as circumstances and patterns of ministry develop around us.   Given that, there is sometimes the need for reorganisation to meet these new demands.   The Church of England has developed the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 ( ) as its mechanism to effect such change.   Changes may take the form of regrouping existing parishes into different ministry patterns, the forming of new parishes, the joining of two or more together or looking at the future of a church building as a place of worship.   It may also have an effect upon the appointment of a new priest. 

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Steven Sleight, Pastoral Secretary

Pete Duff, Assistant Pastoral Secretary

There is a statutory requirement to consult those who will be most affected by such changes and to give the opportunity for people to make their views on proposed changes known, both for and against.   Further information about processes can be found at  A glossary of terms used in pastoral reorganisation can be found here 

Your archdeacon will have an important part to play in pastoral reorganisation and you may like to contact them. 

Closed and Closing Churches

For any number of reasons it is sometimes necessary for a church building to close as a place of worship. Information on this can be found in the below section.